Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter holidays.

For the Easter holidays, my foremost plan was to work on my sketchbook, which I did, adding illustrations, presenting contact sheets and results from shoots, I also began working on the second sketchbook as I'd filled the first. I started this by first including a re-introduction mood-board from artist references that I'd previously looked at. I then added my plan for the two week break, as well as a timetable for the two weeks. 
On the first Monday, I had arranged to meet a man named Ben Finney, who is a friend, so I didn't have to worry about bringing someone else along to monitor me. Like my studio shoots, this shoot would be posed and I'd be taking facial close ups, full body long shots, as well as using a film camera, filming him tell me why he grew a beard and asking him to write his answer in my notebook. I think the shoot went well, and with it being a location shoot, I think it ties the studio shoots and candid shoots together, taking elements from both styles of fashion photography.

Ben Finney. 14.4.14

On Wednesday the 16th, I set off to Manchester, It being my second home, where I would stay over for a few days. I had planned to go out a complete a few candid street style shoots, but the weather was not consistent enough to do so. I was, however, able to get my uncle to let me photograph him. Very similar to the shoot I'd done with Ben Finney, with the exception with the location of this shoot being in my grandma's back garden, and Finney's shoot being in a local park. Although, with Finney living in the student accommodation directly across from the park, it's still not much of a difference in distance.
Because I'd not had any responses from people belonging to different religions and beliefs, which is something I wanted to be able to address in my work - talking about double standards and people's views on people with beards, It made sense to ask my Uncle, who is a devout Muslim.
I think his answer gave the most depth and reason behind growing a beard - writing almost an essay, unlike the many simple sentences I'd already gotten.
This shoot will add another level to my project, beyond the fashion base and reoccurring theme of 'being a man'.

Suto Mama (My Uncle) - 16.4.14

On Friday the 25th I had a day planned out in Birmingham, although the plan was not made specifically for me, I thought I could use the day to my advantage, and photograph street style candid's whilst out shopping. But halfway through the road trip, the torrential rain had begun which had inevitably determined that I couldn't go through with the shoot. Not only because I would risk damaging the camera, but also because the people who would have been shopping on a busy Friday afternoon, were not there because of how heavy the rain was.

On the 26th, I, along with a few students from the fashion group had decided to take the train to Nottingham in search for more impressive beards, along with having a more aesthetically pleasing shopping district. I ended up setting off on this journey with Jordan Allen, a fashion student, and a friend of mine, Jodie, who both were mostly just interested in the shopping aspect of the day.  We also met a friend of mine, later in the day, who was living in Nottingham. Meeting up with her, meant that we were less likely to get lost and also meant that I had someone that knew the area, meaning that she knew where we'd be able to find more beards. We also bumped into a friend of her's who owned a beard, so she very promptly asked him If I could photograph him, which he of course said yes to, with it being his friend who'd asked.
Overall the candid street style shoot was very successful, I managed to find plenty of beards, with some being fashion concious, which worked well for my images. The second part of my plan, was to go up to bearded men and ask for a photo, as well as asking them to write in my notebook - however, only four said yes - and in one incident, they said yes, but carried on talking to each other and let me photograph them, un-posed. Most people I had asked, had said no, some rather rudely. I think this could be either because these people would have been busy, in such a fast pace and crowded location, or perhaps because they simply didn't want to be bothered by someone coming up to them in the street with a camera. aka, just rude people.

Nottingham street beards + fashion


After spending the whole day, looking through vintage shops, and the high street for beards, we decided to end the day with a trip to the Nottingham Contemporary museum. Although, I wasn't particularly inspired nor did I relate to anything I saw. So it wasn't entirely beneficial - potentially because the museum wasn't very large and only had a few room, with not very much to offer.

Nottingham contemporary

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