Monday, 31 March 2014

Week 1 - 3.3.14 - 6.3.14

I started this week, and this project off by looking at Melodie Jeng's street style photography. Jeng is based in New York, where she uses the streets to find fashion forward people to create these street style images. These images are used to show the interesting personalities in New York, based on their clothing and overall style. Based on this, I decided to start the project off by looking at candid fashion photography, but before going out and conducting my first shoot, I thought It would be beneficial to actually research the conventions of fashion photography. Upon doing this research, I discovered that it is important to keep a shallow depth of field between the subject and their background, and also keeping the subject in focus is key. The reason for this is to, quite simply, show off the garments. If the subject and his/her clothes were not in focus, then it wouldn't be practical. After researching, and planning on Thursday, I went out on the Friday and completed my first photo shoot.
I aimed to practice street style photography, so instead of being too narrow in who I'd be photographing, I just took pictures of men, in 'stylish' attire in general. By dong this, I hopefully gained some confidence in the style of photography, which will hopefully help me to develop my skills furthermore. I did get a number of successful images, but I learnt that I would have to take a lot of images to heighten my chances of getting brilliant shots. Some of my shots had potential to be much better, if I'd gotten more to choose from.

 East 30th Street nyc streets

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