Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week 3 - 19.3.14

Considering that I'm planning on doing some studio fashion portraiture, I thought that I'd do some research on the matter. I looked into the work of some models, such as Justin Passmore, Chris John Millington and Ricki Hall. These models are known well for being bearded fashion models. I looked first at these models, but then looked at the people photographing them, such as Danny Aldwin, who is a fashion photographer who has worked for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines, which makes him a key photographer for me to research. Looking at his work, I'm trying to understand how he photographs his models and what he looks for when posing his models. Hair seems to be important in his choice of models, which is similar in my choice of bearded only models.
As well as artist research, I also needed to research the conventions of studio fashion photography.
After researching these conventions, I came up with a sheet of tips to help myself; tips on conveying authority and hiding stress, using hair/make-up to amplify the beauty side of fashion and then also the technical side; ISO 100, shutter speed of 1/125 - 1/160, aperture of F/8 - F/11, shooting in manual to gain more control and also to shoot in RAW to guarantee the most quality in my images.

Danny Baldwin

Update: Towards the end of the day I received my first email on my '' account, considering that I'd only just put the posters up, I'd say that they are looking to be very successful.

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