Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week 3 - 17.3.14

After receiving feedback on my poster design from a graphics student, I learnt that my ratio from text to imagery wasn't well balanced, meaning that I had too much text that wasn't needed. Also, the colours and crowding of images made the poster too busy. I then started to re-think my font choices, and chose something bold and clear to use for the masthead. And for the rest of the text on the poster, I used a font, that was suggested to me, to be clear and well spaced.
After creating the poster, with illustrations, text and tabs included, I printed off a number of copies, some in A4 and some in A3. 
I then spent some time placing my poster around the college on various note boards.
Hopefully, by having these posters around college, I'll be able to appeal to other students who will be willing to help me with my project. I also aim to get some posters around Newcastle in the near future.

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