Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Week 2 - 13.3.14

I wanted to find a way of, instead of looking for beards, to have beards find me. So, although simple, I thought that creating posters could help. I want to start looking at studio photography, as well as looking in the streets and finding people by chance. The contrast between the posed, high fashion style of a studio shoot against candid street style photography intrigues me, and could be interesting to look at, side by side in a book. Also, by having people contact me, it would be an easier and more organisable way for me to control these photo shoots. On these posters, I thought about what it is that these people would gain from helping me - it's not likely that a person would want to help, if they don't get anything in return. I thought about paying them, but that's unrealistic, given that I don't have the money to do that, especially if I get a lot of responses. And then it occurred to me that people will do almost anything if it's free, so I thought about advertising it with "I will send you these professional images Free of Charge!"
Whilst creating this draft poster, I began adding my email address, but realised how unmemorable and long it was, so I created a new email account: GloriousBeards@hotmail.com. It was easy to remember and related to the project. Also, by having a new email just for this one purpose would mean that I would be able to manage the emails I receive much easily.
I also thought of ways to make it easier for people to remember the poster and contact me. A way that seemed obvious, but also quite clever, was to create tabs at the bottom of the poster that people interested, could pull off and keep, almost like a business card, with my email, name, and location printed on.

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