Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Week 2 - 12.3.14

Today I focussed on printing my contact sheets for the previous shoot and using it to mark the ones that I thought were both successful and unsuccessful, I then assembled my best results into my sketchbook. I also went through and worked on the images that I'd taken on the day prior to today.
I had walked amidst a vintage market in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and with the natural lighting being so well, I thought I'd try and get some interesting images in this different environment. I had gotten shots of different types of interesting people as well as some interesting bits and pieces being sold. Looking through these images in my contact sheets, I picked out my three favourite bearded images and presented them in my book, as well as presenting research for this shoot.
I also added some visual research in the form of paintings of bearded men, with the previous page windowed to give a glimpse of the result before turning the page.

Standing alone, Amongst friends.

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