Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week 4 - 26.3.14

A friend from the illustration class had volunteered his beard, and so I had booked the studio for today from 9-10am. This time is probably too early, because it meant, that both myself and my model would have to wake up extra early, it also meant that I'd less time to set up the studio and without any help or advice with it being my first shoot of this kind.
It would be beneficial if I planned the next shoot more ahead of time, to enable the chances of me getting convenient studio times.
I had planned to work with some low-key lighting, to create some heavy shadows and bring out the texture in his beard. I had some trouble with setting up the flash trigger, and after asking the technicians, learnt that I'd have to have one more lamp on to get the flash to work, which disrupted the lighting set up, I'd created.
During this shoot, I worked with trying to create a low-key set up, whilst still trying to remove the light from the lamp that was not needed. I tried this, by facing it away from my set.
This method seemed to work, though, I found that the pictures that didn't have the flash working, seemed to make the pictures work better.


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