Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Week 6 - 9.4.14

I had three men booked to photograph today; Joseph Matthews, Ross Bester and Kyle Yeo. To improve from my last shoots, I had firstly done more research on high fashion studio photography - i.e, looking at i-D magazine and Another Man magazine, for inspiration on poses and such.
Also, the studio shoot I'd done prior today, (with models that I'd not previously met), I was nervous and It's very possible it showed in how awkward the atmosphere was. To prepare for today's shoot, I made sure that I had everything prepared beforehand and set out on a table in the studio; my camera, my SD cards, my notebook, my sketchbook, a pen and the sheet I'd done with a number of different photo's for inspiration. I also had some upbeat music playing, to keep everyone feeling happy and upbeat. I had asked my friends, who had just been in the studio before me, to remain in the room as they cleaned off face paints from a previous shoot, for moral support and also to get me comfortable, so that, in turn, I could make my models feel comfortable - I think that this was a successful series of precautions put in place.
I could tell that my models were comfortable, because everyone was talking and laughing and generally having a good time during the shoots, which is good, because that reflected well in my images.
Kyle Yeo, hadn't shown up when he was supposed to have been in the studio last week, so we switched his dates and got him to come in today.
Each shoot today was successful, although, my first model, Joseph, wasn't naturally photogenic, just because he was very unsure on how to place himself, so I'm not sure if his images will make it to the final look-book, but that's yet to be determined as I've yet to properly go through the images.

Inspiration from i-D magazine, also key words to prompt me.

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