Saturday, 31 May 2014

Week 7 - 30.4.14

I began the day by going through yesterdays shoot with Jack and Sam via printed contact sheets, and chose the most successful images. Yesterdays shoot, didn't go exactly to plan, as I couldn't get hold of a trigger as the technicians had gone to lunch. So we worked with what we had, trying to get the light balanced whilst still being a low-key shoot. It proved difficult and definitely not my best shoot, but through editing, the images still work. The images, primarily because of the models used, put across a sense of fashion, which was good as it fit's well with my brief, regardless of the technical difficulties.

Today's shoot started off with some problems; the first being that even though I'd booked the studio, there appeared to be a double booking. Considering that I had never met 2/3 of my models prior, it didn't seem fair or convenient for them - and it would also reflect bad on me as a photographer. Because of this situation, one of my models had apparently shown up at 2 pm, to then be confronted by the HE students that had double booked the room - which meant I had lost a whole shoots worth. After asking these people to compromise in order to share the time, and also asking my lecturer to talk to them, they had agreed to allow me half an hour of my booked hour - they, however, lied, so I had more of my time wasted. After having to have to make one of my models wait in the canteen whilst I tried to sort everything out, I finally was able to use the studio, an hour after I'd booked it.
Walking in, I saw that the black backdrop was removed, with only the white left. I had gotten 2/3 of my models to come into the studio whilst I tried to set-up the studio. I had asked a technician to help and switch the backdrop from white to black, the technician we'd asked came in and had said that he'd get another technician to help. A friend of mine, Lydia, who was going to assist me, had overheard the technicians speaking in a separate room, saying that they had no intention of helping me. So after waiting 20 minutes for them, she had told me the news, which meant that I'd had more of my time wasted. Knowing that I could not have the black backdrop, meant that I could no longer do a low-key shoot. So I used this opportunity, to try high-key fashion photography.
Having only two models to photograph now, I started off with Tony, taking head shots and full body, both digital photo's and film photo's. I then did the same with Aidan - the pictures all seemed to be coming out really well, with the balanced high-key lighting giving the shoot a different look on fashion photography. I then took images of Tony and Aidan together, before filming them individually as well as asking them to sign the notepad.

When I'd finished the shoots, I had gotten onto a Mac to review the images, but what I'd noticed is that the images from Aidan's individual shoot had disappeared. The shoots before and after were still there, but Aidan's had disappeared. Which really makes no sense as I'd not changed any settings or switched SD cards. I have send the SD card with the missing images to the Technicians with hope that they can retrieve them by tomorrow.


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