Saturday, 31 May 2014

Week 7 - 1.5.14

Today started off with a life drawing session. Using acrylic paints, I created some portraits of Chris (our model), fitting in with my brief, I painted a beard onto his face. I also experimented with shapes within the image, specifically triangles in fun, bright colours, giving the overall image a sense of youth, fashion and quirk.
After life drawing, we spent the rest of the afternoon doing a group critique. When it'd gotten to my turn to present a photo, I had chosen to print off a portrait from Rob Weston's shoot. The feedback that I'd gotten, was that I had good composition. My framing was on point, following the rule of thirds well, with the highlighted part of his face in the central third. The only other point that was made was that I should consider big prints for the exhibition, not just presenting book, with the film playing.

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