Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 8 - 5.5.14

Today is a Thursday, which means that the day started with a life drawing session. Responding to the illustrations in my sketchbook, I decided to use a fine liner and create illustrations of our life model.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for my lookbook, by researching places that I could get it made. I had been given a resource that had names and web addresses' that I could look into - the one that was recommended for me, was ''.
After trying the software from blurb, I had decided that it wasn't flexible enough in terms of creativity and professionalism. Having had already tried the software from Cewe photoworld prior to this project, I knew that It'd be easier to work with and there were many positive reviews, commenting on the quality of the books, so I chose to start the creation of the lookbook using the cewe software.

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