Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 10 - 19.5.14

Having had done my research already with the prints, I had planned to go to the Hanley printing place. I had first gone into the Cobra framing workshop to ask if they mounted onto foam board, which they don't, so I'll have to think of an alternate plan for that situation. When going into the printing place, only a couple of the workers were there, the first man directing us to the other who had given us a quote of £5 for two A3 prints, which seems incredibly cheap and ideal, so I plan to go back on Wednesday to do that.
When getting back to college, I printed off the pages of my lookbook to create a mock-up, so that I could look through it in a different perspective and make the appropriate changes. I also got some other students to look through and give me feedback which I intend to use. One point made, is that the humour works, and that there could be more of it throughout, using the same fictional characters from the first page.
Fixing some of the layouts and balancing some of the colours and ratio of images:text, I finished the lookbook and ordered it, with it being due to come during the half term.

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