Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week 5 - 2.4.14

I had three men booked in the studio today. Marcus Flynn, Rob Weston and Kyle Yeo. We were delayed slightly, because the person using the studio prior to me, had not finished on time so I had to make my models wait which was inconvenient. Kyle Yeo had not showed up though, so I tried to get in contact with him, but with no response. I had tried to get a fashion student in the studio to assist me, the person I'd asked wants to study Fashion Communication in Uni, and so I thought that we'd both benefit from the shoot. But it seemed that she couldn't join me because she had other commitments last minute.
Being on my own with these models, that I've never met before, proved difficult to me. I have a lot of awkward tendencies, so I was worried that they'd sense my un-easiness, and that it'd effect their performance. But I tried to stick to my tips on a successful studio shoot, I did this by remembering to always be talking, and getting the models to talk in order to help them feel comfortable. I explained to them what my project was about and also what I'd be asking them to do. I then also mentioned the filming side of my project and gave them the option of whether or not they'd want to participate.
I worked with Marcus first, asking him to write his reason for his facial growth in my notepad, and then taking some low-key head shots, full body shots before filming him in the interview situation. I then did the same, but with Rob weston. Once I'd finished working with both boy's, I then did a quick shoot with both of them together.


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